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What causes “Out of money”?

Update: Read more about this issue in this article about “Out of money” and “We need money” problems.

One of the causes for home abandonment in SimCity is “Out of money!” But how does this happen? And what do the Sims need, in order for you to fix it?

One forum user has a theory. And it’s not good news for players. According to user endorken at, the problem occurs because of the fundamental nature of the agents system.

Sims don’t have fixed homes or businesses in SimCity, they just go into the first one they find. The random nature of the agent model means that inevitably, some homes will be stripped of their cash reserves faster than others. Because every time a Sim leaves a home, they take some money with them to spend outside.

Thus, it can be easy for a house to have its cash reserves depleted by Sims leaving the house. This seems to be a particular problem in low-wealth neighborhoods. Also, it seems to be exacerbated by some bugs in gameplay.

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